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I am
Reaching For The Moon.

This site is currently under construction.
Please check back soon.

About Me

Developer. Designer. Terrible Dancer.

I started building websites back in the very early days when the notion of high speed internet was considered wizardry. Since then, I have worked for companies such as Panasonic, 12 Foot Tall Games and American Greetings to name a few.


Languages and dev tools:

PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, XML, AJAX, JSON, CSS, Sass, Less, C++, Visual Basic, Linux, DOS, Actionscript, GSAP, Mercurial, SVN, VirtualBox, MAMP / WAMP, jQuery, Grunt, Gulp, Handlebars, Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, Premiere, FinalCut Pro, Quicktime VR, Swift 3D, Microsoft Office, Sorenson Squeeze, SoundForge, PuTTY, Cygwin


Linux, Windows, Mac OS

my command center
my game character
my getaway car
my alter ego
my silly creatures
my champs

Fun Facts

I love snowboarding.

I know Victoria's secret.

I solved the Riemann Hypothesis.

I drink 5 pots of coffee per day.

I have trouble sleeping.

Current Focus

I develop responsive websites, WordPress and jQuery plugins, mobile apps and more...

These are just a few of my skillsets that I am passionate about and actively involved with. For more information, view the "Additional Focus" list at the bottom of this section or hit the "knowledge base" button in the about me section

Responsive Websites

I develop pixel perfect websites that will work across all platforms and devices. I also develop WordPress and jQuery plugins. 

Mobile Apps

I develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. I also develop apps for iPads and tablets. I don't develop apps for Replicants or Gungans so don't ask.

Graphic Design

I design logos, business cards, letterheads, flyers, brochures, book covers, etc. I also enjoy designing and programming animations.

Additional Focus: Business Applications, eLearning Applications, Promotional Software, Internet-Based Applications, Standalone Applications, Database Design & Integration, User Interface Development & Design, Reverse Engineering, Animation Programming & Design, Content Management Systems (CMS), Kiosk Software, Programming / Graphic Design / Animation Consultation


This is the gateway to my code blog (and many sleepless nights).

Inside you will find source code that you can use for your own projects along with working examples and a place to post your comments and questions. If you subscribe to my mailing list you will be notified via email as I post new code.

Select a category below. Or don't. Whatever.



javscript & jQuery


css & sass






Disclaimer: All of the code that I have posted should be regarded as open-source and is free for anyone to use. Whether you choose to use it for your own personal projects, part of a real-world application or in a lame attempt to try to take over the world, the choice is yours. I am not responsible for any undesireable consequence(s) that may result from the use (or misuse) of my code. While some of this code can be used maliciously, it is not intended for such purposes. Use your powers for good, not for evil!

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